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Editors’ Note – Volume XXII Issue I

The central goal of our magazine is to highlight the ways engineering impacts our everyday lives. For our first issue of 2022, we will be publishing a batch of articles that reminds us just how ubiquitous engineering feats are, and shows the myriad places we encounter them. 

Some technologies we see when we’re out in the world, like road markings, QR codes, and contactless payment, as explained in Stay In Your Lane: The Optical Phenomenon Of Retroreflection, The Magic of Scanning: Science Behind the QR Code, and Texting Money: How Did Contactless Payment Tap into Existence? 

Other times, we encounter complex technologies in our own homes, like algorithmic predictions and bluetooth headphones. From the couch, we can appreciate Netflix’s Recommendation Systems: Entertainment Made for You, and in our desk drawers, Say Bye Bye Bye to Headphone Wires

Not every technology we encounter is established, some technologies appear suddenly and seem to penetrate our daily consciousness even more quickly, as shown in NFTs: 6-Figure Cat GIFs and The Identity of the Future.

As you read through these articles, we hope you reflect on these technologies and ponder others on which you rely.



Associate Editors Jane Carpenter and Antonina Mintcheva 


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