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Editors’ Note – Volume XXI Issue II

Coronavirus has brought about many negative changes in the past several months, but above all else, it has brought an unprecedented digital revolution. When our old ways of life disappeared under lockdown, innovators found ways to build new realities for the strange circumstances we all now find ourselves in. Isolated from the outside world, we became intimately familiar with technology, and whether for better or worse, society will emerge from this pandemic even more inextricably linked with the digital world than ever before. The articles we’ve selected for this issue explore engineering feats that embody this growing bond between man and machine that will come to define 2020-2021.


The circumstances presented have pushed us to look through a new lens, as we uncover the engineering behind AR in A New Reality. The ways in which we build relationships have greatly evolved as well, with many turning to dating apps to find their next partner, a topic covered in From a Swipe to a Soulmate — the Power of Online Dating. Virtual YouTuber: A New Era of Entertainment with Motion Capture Technology explores how motion capture technology has been applied to the entertainment industry and The Graphical Fidelity of Video Games & Animated Films describes the rendering behind our most loved video games and movies. On a more serious note, Deep Fakes: Fooling Humans with Artificial Intelligence deals with the mechanisms behind deep fakes and their role in our society. 


As you read through this collection of articles, we hope it familiarizes you with the inner workings of the virtual world we have all joined. 



Associate Editors Nicole Tamarov, Sam Sommerer, and Timothy Wang

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