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Editors’ Note – Volume XXII Issue II

Our magazine, as the name suggests, always aims to illuminate the many ways in which engineering impacts daily life, especially in the unexpected ones. Issue 22.4 showcases a handful of articles that reveal the surprising ways science and engineering can appear in our lives, with a lens focused on the past, present, and future.

The past is revisited with an article on competitive swimwear designs which have won many historical medals as How to Engineer a Record-Breaking Swimsuit describes. Our childhood hobbies that have stayed with us through time make a welcomed reappearance in Volleyball Design and How Volleyball Designs Affect the Game. And through the article Spicy Science: How to Defeat Capsaicin, we remind ourselves of the flavors that have transcended time, looking at the chili pepper spice that dates back centuries.

The present is discussed through a focus on fighting the impending climate crisis with advancements in shoreline defense and a shift in the production process of steel as explained by Are Plants Stronger Than Rocks? How Living Shorelines Can Protect Against Rising Seas and Diverting Away from the Steel Age: Metallurgy Reimagined in the Context of the Climate Crisis, respectively.

And to come back nearly full circle, To the Beginning of Time: NASA’s Journey to Uncovering the Past brings us to the future by looking into the past that is hidden among the universe’s stars.

As you travel through time in this issue, we hope you take a moment to both think back and think ahead about the many ways in which engineering has shaped your own life.

We hope you enjoy!


Associate Editors Antonina Mintcheva and Timothy Wang


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