Issue I

Biomimetics: Engineering Spider Silk

2017-10-26T18:10:35-07:00 November 1st, 2009|Issue I, Material Science, Volume XI|

Spider silk has drawn much attention from engineers in the past 20 years for its toughness and elasticity, properties which may be utilized in applications such as suspension bridge wires, bulletproof vests, and medical adhesives. There remains, however, a mystery behind the production of spider silk. Scientists are intensively studying this process in order for [...]

Impact of Orbital Debris

2017-10-26T18:07:03-07:00 July 17th, 2009|Aerospace Engineering, Issue I, Volume XI|

Over the past 50 years, man's growing presence in space has led to an increasing amount of debris orbiting Earth. With contemporary society’s heavy reliance on the technology orbiting the planet, the risk of collisions endangers the way man utilizes space. Existing concepts to remove orbital debris are not feasible and the increasing threat of [...]

Engineering the Heart-Lung Machine

2017-10-26T18:11:08-07:00 July 17th, 2009|Health & Medicine, Issue I, Volume XI|

Coronary bypass surgery, widely used to treat cardiovascular disease, involves redirecting a patient’s bloodflow around the heart in order to allow surgeons to operate. Heart-lung machines synthetically oxygenate and pump blood during such surgeries in order to keep the patient alive. The first heart-lung machine dates back to the 1930s and consisted of many of [...]

The Power of Pond Scum: Algae Biofuels

2017-11-03T17:17:18-07:00 May 1st, 2009|Chemical Engineering, Energy & Sustainability, Issue I, Volume XI|

Our world is facing a global energy crisis. As we continue to deplete non-renewable energy resources, we must seek to develop alternative renewable resources to meet our energy demands. Scientists and engineers are currently researching algae as a potential source of biofuel that might replace fossil fuels as a main source of energy. Compared to [...]