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Volume XIX Issue V

Note From The Editors

At Illumin, we strive to showcase engineering in everyday life. In this issue, we demonstrate two ways in which this mission can manifest itself: the elucidation of engineering concepts in familiar aspects of our lives and the presentation of innovative engineering solutions to everyday problems…

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Rising Above Agricultural Challenges with Vertical Farming

August 27th, 2019|

Written by: Tina (Hyunsu) Ryu About the Author: Tina is a senior majoring in computer science games. Before moving to California, she lived in Ohio and South Korea. After graduation, she hopes to go abroad [...]

Are Your Headphones 3D Enough?

August 27th, 2019|

Written by: Lauren Lawson About the Author: Lauren is a junior at USC, studying biomedical engineering. In her free time she volunteers for the Make-A-Wish USC chapter, participates in the executive boards of multiple on-campus [...]

A Stroke of Genius: Neurorehabilitation through Virtual Reality

August 27th, 2019|

Written by: Annie Lee About the Author: Annie Lee is an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California pursuing a progressive Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. Abstract The aim of physical stroke [...]

From The Archives

Ion Propulsion: Exploring Space in the 21st Century

October 18th, 2004|

Electric or ion propulsion is the newest propulsion system that NASA has put into successful operation. The Deep Space 1 mission used the ion engine as its primary propulsion system and tested its capabilities for [...]

Curves of Steel: CATIA and the Walt Disney Concert Hall

January 1st, 2004|

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by architect Frank Gehry, makes extensive use of computer technology. Without the use of CATIA (Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application), construction of the concert hall would have been impossible. After [...]

The Changing Face of Paintball

December 7th, 2003|

At its essence, paintball is about marking other players with gelatin capsules filled with colored dye shot from a gun powered by compressed gas. While the fundamentals of the game have not changed since its [...]

Editors’ Picks

Encrypt the Future – Quantum Cryptography

April 30th, 2014|

The inherent weakness of traditional cryptography has exposed its unreliability to modern computing technology. To overcome this issue, scientists used the laws of quantum mechanics to create quantum cryptography, which [...]

3D Printed Organs

March 1st, 2014|

The field of tissue engineering has allowed developments in 3D printing organic parts and materials. 3D printing has become a widely popular means of manufacturing over the past decade, combining [...]

Asteroid Deflection

April 30th, 2013|

The threat of an Earth-asteroid collision is very real. Historically, asteroids and comets have proven to be sources of incredible destruction, and they are thought to have caused at least [...]

Cotton Candy: Carnival Snack to Medical Wonder

May 5th, 2012|

Many people know that cotton candy is made from sugar. They may not know, however, this fun carnival treat's colorful history. Cotton candy has been used in many different ways [...]