Issue II Issue II Volume XXII

Editors’ Note – Volume XXIV Issue I

At Illumin, we aim to share how profoundly engineering intertwines with the daily routines of our lives. In our first issue of 2024, we explore the impact of machines and artificial intelligence on how we perceive and interact with the world around us.


In “Security Through Abstraction,” we examine the math behind Internet data security. “Shall We Play A Game: The Story of Deep Blue” delves into the chess computer’s landmark achievement, which surpassed humanity’s ability to play chess with unprecedented analytical power. Since this inaugural feat, computer science has advanced to “see” the world. “Perception and Vision: The Keys to Unlocking Our World” describes how computers can accomplish specific visual tasks, allowing professionals to shift their focus from tedious processes to more complex responsibilities.


Careful Where You Click! How Social Media is Made With You in Mind” explores how art interacts with technology to attract and retain users on a platform and influence users’ behavioral and spending patterns. Machine learning technologies are examined in “Algorithmic Symphonies: How Spotify Strikes the Right Chord,” which shares the key role of data collection in Spotify’s algorithm. The integration of technology in the media we consume now expands beyond traditional platforms and onto the big screens. Focusing on a hit show, “The Volume: How “The Mandalorian” Revolutionized Filmmaking” investigates how a cylindrical wall of an entirely digital screen was constructed to simulate the scene’s environment for the actors in real-time. 


As you read through this issue, we hope you reflect on how technology is integrated into and impacting our daily lives. Enjoy the issue!



Associate Editors Ashly Lam and Grace Hutapea

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