Issue II Issue II Volume XXII

Editors’ Note – Volume XXIII Issue II

At Illumin, our goal with our articles is to explore the many ways engineering interacts with our everyday lives. For our second issue of 2023, we are excited to publish articles that showcase the sheer scope of applications that engineering is an integral part of, from the tangible to the intangible.

In “Touch Screens: How Our Devices Moved Beyond Buttons,” we take a closer look at the engineering behind one of the most ubiquitous technologies in our lives. From phone screens to ATMs, touch screens have transformed the way we interact with our devices. We also examine engineering marvels such as supersonic flying aircraft in the article “The SR -71 Blackbird: An Engineering Headache of Supersonic Speed.” Once we learn about the tangible, we delve deeper as “Manipulating the Intangible: Modern Advancements in Dream Engineering” takes us on a journey to see the ways engineers are learning to create new experiences beyond our reality.

We also look at ways in which engineers can make an impact on pressing social issues. In “From Curbs to Code: Using Modern Digital Technology to Confront Homelessness,” we explore the ways engineers are leveraging technology to address the homelessness issue. Meanwhile, in “Swipe By Color? — The Pitfalls of Online Dating for Women of Color,” we highlight the biases embedded in dating app algorithms and potential solutions for them.

As you read through our Issue 23.2 articles, we hope you reflect on the power and breadth of these engineering marvels. From the small screens of your phone to the vast expanses of the sky, there seems to be nothing that engineering doesn’t touch.



Associate Editors Hashim and Timothy

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