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Illumin prides itself on its unique combination of engineering articles and engaging media. Over the years we have received a few awards honoring us. Here is our showcase:
Volume XV Issue II
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The most extraordinary engineering developments are those that have directly shaped the lives of individual people. It is certainly difficult to enumerate all of the ways in which a person is affected by emerging technologies, but perhaps the most salient change is related to the human imagination. Engineering feats are especially distinctive because they so often fracture the long-established boundaries that govern our interaction with our daily environment. By continually expanding our notions of what is feasible, engineers today are transforming the way that we think about “boundaries” in the scientific world altogether. more...
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Illumin's mission is to illustrate the many ways engineering benefits and impacts daily life. Articles are written, edited, and published by undergraduate students at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

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