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Illumin prides itself on its unique combination of engineering articles and engaging media. Over the years we have received a few awards honoring us. Here is our showcase:
Volume XVII Issue I
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As engineers develop more and more powerful technologies to solve some of our biggest problems, the question becomes not what can we create, but rather how long until we create it? From the augmentation of our bodily processes to the encryption of our data, we find that engineers continue to build upon every generation of technological development, further refining it and creating new applications. In Illumin’s Volume XVI Issue III, we explore some of the most cutting edge topics when it comes to human augmentation, and our innovations in engineering both abstract concepts like encryption, as well as in the real world production of tofu. more...
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Illumin's mission is to illustrate the many ways engineering benefits and impacts daily life. Articles are written, edited, and published by undergraduate students at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

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