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Illumin prides itself on its unique combination of engineering articles and engaging media. Over the years we have received a few awards honoring us. Here is our showcase:
Volume XVIII Issue IIFall 2017
Volume XVIII Issue ISpring 2017
Volume XVII Issue IIIFall 2016
Volume XVII Issue IISummer 2016
Volume XVII Issue ISpring 2016
Volume XVI Issue IIFall 2015
Volume XVI Issue ISpring 2015
Volume XV Issue IIIFall 2014
Volume XV Issue IISpring 2014
Volume XV Issue ISpring 2014
Volume XIV Issue IIIFall 2013
Volume XIV Issue IISpring 2013
Volume XIV Issue ISpring 2013
Volume XIII Issue IIIFall 2012
Volume XIII Issue IISpring 2012
Volume XIII Issue ISpring 2012
Volume XII Issue IIIFall 2011
Volume XII Issue IIFall 2011
Volume XII Issue ISpring 2011
Volume XI Issue IIIFall 2010
Volume XI Issue IIFall 2010
Volume XI Issue ISpring 2010
Volume X Issue IVFall 2009
Volume X Issue IIIFall 2009
Volume X Issue IISpring 2009
Volume X Issue ISpring 2009
Volume IX Issue IVFall 2008
Volume IX Issue IIIFall 2007
Volume IX Issue IIFall 2007
Volume IX Issue ISpring 2007
Volume VIII Issue IIFall 2006
Volume VIII Issue ISpring 2006
Volume VII Issue IIISpring 2006
Volume VII Issue IIFall 2005
Volume VII Issue IFall 2005
Volume VI Issue IISpring 2005
Volume VI Issue ISpring 2005
Volume V Issue VFall 2004
Volume V Issue IVFall 2004
Volume V Issue IIISpring 2004
Volume V Issue IISpring 2004
Volume V Issue IFall 2003
Volume IV Issue IIIFall 2003
Volume IV Issue IISpring 2003
Volume IV Issue ISpring 2003
Volume III Issue IIFall 2002
Volume III Issue IFall 2002
Volume II Issue IVSpring 2002
Volume II Issue IIISpring 2002
Volume II Issue IIFall 2001
Volume II Issue IFall 2001
Volume I Issue IVSpring 2001
Volume I Issue IIISpring 2001
Volume I Issue IIFall 2000
Volume I Issue IFall 2000